Cobra's Quest


Take the quest with cookie and cobra...

An epic audio adventure for under 12s, Cobra’s Quest is a free podcast produced by seven year old Cadhla and her dad Aonghus. Journey to a world of magic and mystery as Cobra faces up to her fears and faces down the shadowy Lemurites. With challenges to tackle and obstacles to overcome, can our hero succeed on her quest? After the international success of Fight Night and The Games People Play, the award-winning Rise Productions returned to the Dublin Fringe with this exciting new audio work, made by and for young people.


Written by Cadhla McAnally

Produced & Directed by Aonghus Óg McAnally

Cast: Cadhla McAnally, Kate Gilmore, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Rachel O’Byrne, Ciara Ivie, Liz FitzGibbon, Michael Sheehan, Brian Melarkey, Kris Nelson, Aonghus Óg McAnally

Episode 1: Frightening Funfair

Episode 1 Questions:
1. Pick your favourite place in Episode 1 and draw it. Think about the fairground, the fortune-teller's tent, the sea and the magical land. 
2. Tell me about your favourite teddy. Why do you think Cobra chose Cookie as her favourite?
3. Describe what might be in the painting the fortune teller gave Cobra.
4. Would you have gone to help the donut calling for help? Why / why not?

episode 2: Welcome to Tirawa

Episode 2 Questions:
1. Make your own map of Tirawa, and mark in the places Cobra and Cookie have visited in each episode. 
2. In Tirawa, apes have the power of speech. What animal would you give a special power to and what would the power be? 
3. The Chapoo tricked the citizens so he could become a leader and control them. What three qualities do you think a good leader should have?
4. How would you have tried to get the emerald grip from Masho?

Episode 3: The Adventure Continues

Episode 3 Questions:
1. Solve the following riddle: In a green bungalow, there was a green person, a green cat, a green fish, a green computer, a green chair, a green table, a green phone – everything was green! So what colour were the stairs?
2. Now make up a riddle of your own.
3. Daimily taught Cobra that by staying true to your heart you can achieve great things. Can you think of a time something good happened because of kindness?
4. Paint, draw, or make what you imagine the Mountgount tree looks like.

Episode 4: The Toughest Test

Episode 4 Questions:
1. What food would your ideal food mountain be made from?
2. Draw a picture of Frongine and describe it in three words. 
3. With your whole body, become each of the four parts of the Sword of the Chaptain.
4. Add the new places to your map of Tirawa. 

Episode 5: Goodbye to Tirawa

Episode 5 Questions:
1. Cookie apologises for leaving Cobra. How would you react to a friend's apology? 
2. Why would good animals like the Lemurites work for a bad person like the Chapoo? 
3. At the start, Cobra’s world was dull and grey. Can you think why? Had anything changed by the end? Draw a picture with two parts – the grey, dull world before her quest, and her world at the end of the quest.
4. Write or draw another chapter in Cobra's adventures. 

Guide Cobra to the Sword – Take our maze challenge!

Guide Cobra to the Sword – Take our maze challenge!

Imagine you are brought to Tirawa – Draw yourself here.

Imagine you are brought to Tirawa – Draw yourself here.