Episode 52: Fiach Mac Conghail

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Thursday 1 November 2012

For this, the final podcast, there was only one person we could have as our guest – the Vince McMahon of Irish Theatre, Fiach Mac Conghail. Here he chats about his early days directing Irish language student drama at Trinity, highlights from his time at Project Arts Centre, the challenges of taking over the Abbey at such a tempestuous time in its history, his work with Brother Films, and balancing the day job with his new role as Senator. It’s Episode 52 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 51: Mark O'Rowe

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Thursday 25 October 2012

One of the most gifted and compelling writers of his generation, Mark O’Rowe is a distinctly Irish voice that has deservedly gone global. Here he chats about his early days breaking into the business, the phenomenal success of Howie the Rookie, the challenges of rejection from the Abbey, taking the reins as both writer and director for the world tour of Terminus, writing the massive hit movie Intermission, and his recent forays into adapting work for the screen. It’s Episode 51 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy! 

Episode 50: Aonghus Óg McAnally

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Thursday 18 October 2012

The ego has landed! He’s finally given in and agreed to sit on the other side of the mic for this special episode, so here goes: Widely regarded as the second best Portmarnock actor of his generation, Aonghus Óg McAnally is available for work. Here he chats about growing up in a theatrical family, his first professional gigs as a teenager, the importance of his time training in Trinity, the birth of Rise Productions, the significance of Fight Night and the Show in a Bag project, and his feelings as he looks back on the year-long podcast project. It’s Episode 50 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 49: Willie White

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Thursday 11 October 2012

Without question the most influential figure in Irish theatre over the past decade, Willie White has been at the forefront of shaping contemporary performance and bringing on a whole new generation of Irish theatre makers. Here, he chats about his first forays as an actor and director at UCD DramSoc, the formation of Loose Canon Theatre Company, his role in Arts programming at RTE, his decade in charge of Project Arts Centre, and his new position as Artistic Director of Dublin Theatre Festival. It’s Episode 49 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy! 

Episode 48: Jonathan Shankey


Thursday 4 October 2012

Having worked as an actor for a decade and represented some of the biggest names in Irish theatre and film, few people have as full an understanding of the Irish theatre scene as Jonathan Shankey. Here he chats about his time at Players in Trinity and the exceptional group of that time, his time studying in America, playing a chicken in Conall Morrison’s landmark production of Tarry Flynn at the Abbey, his role in Kilkenny’s Cat Laughs festival, joining Lisa Richards and being at the heart of Colin Farrell’s international success, and his advice to actors on how to get the best out of their relationship with their agent. It’s episode 48 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 47: Aaron Monaghan


Thursday 27 September 2012

Arguably the most successful Irish actor of his generation, Aaron Monaghan has had a career that others can only dream of. Here he chats about almost becoming an architect, the significance of his time training at Trinity’s Beckett Centre, his phenomenal early run with the Abbey Theatre, his ambivalence towards the awards and accolades that have accompanied his success, his association with the great Druid Theatre Company, and his passion for working with his own company, Livin’ Dred. It’s episode 47 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 46: Jimmy Fay

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Thursday 20 September 2012

One of our most industrious freelance directors, Jimmy Fay is equally at home handling Sheppard at the Abbey or Ross O’Carroll Kelly at the Gaiety. Here we chat about growing up in Tallaght, his first steps into the business, the formation of Bedrock and their huge early success, the birth of the Dublin Fringe Festival, his love of movies and his thoughts on the director as creative rather than interpretive artist. It’s episode 46 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 45: Roise Goan

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Thursday 13 September 2012

One of the most influential figures in Irish Theatre, Róise Goan’s time in charge of Dublin Fringe Festival has been a resounding success. Here she discusses breaking into the businiss as a child actor, the significance of relocating to Connemara as a teenager, her first forays as a writer, studying at Trinity College, her time with Randolf SD, and taking on the Fringe Festival at such a young age. It’s episode 45 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 44: Tom Creed

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Thursday 6 September 2012

A director of exceptional talent, and a programmer of increasing renown, Tom Creed has accomplished a staggering amount in his career to date. Here we chat about early achievements in Cork student drama, the importance of his time at Rough Magic, the decision to take on the Kilkenny Arts and Cork Midsummer festivals as curator, recent international successes with Watt and Berlin Love tour, and his forthcoming Abbey debut with Gary Duggan’s Shibari. It’s episode 43 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 43: Gavin Kostick

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Thursday 30 August 2012

When it comes to the development of new Irish writing, no-one comes close to Fishamble’s Gavin Kostick. Here he chats about his arrival in Ireland, his time with D.U. Players, the international success of his first play, his early days as a TV presenter, the inspiration behind the Show in a Bag initiative, the phenomenal response to Tiny Plays for Ireland, and his hugely popular playwriting courses. It’s episode 43 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 42: Anne Clarke

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Thursday 23 August 2012

One of our most successful and experienced producers, Anne Clarke’s talent is increasingly going global. Here we chat about finding her mixed experiences of student theatre, landing her dream job at the Dublin Theatre Festival, her long tenure at the renowned Gate theatre, the bold decision to subsequently leave and set up Landmark Productions, juggling large-scale commercial productions with more intimate pieces, and the massive success of Misterman. It’s episode 42 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 41: Jane Brennan

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Thursday 16 August 2012

When it comes to theatrical dynasties, few names loom as large over Irish theatre as that of The Brennans, and even in that stellar company, Jane Brennan is a standout. Here we chat about her initial impulse to avoid the business, her early work at both The Abbey and The Gate, The importance of her work with Druid, setting up her own theatre company with b*spoke, her new role as board member at The Abbey, and what it means to be part of their forthcoming production of The Picture of Dorian Gray for Dublin Theatre Festival. It’s episode 41 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 40: Annie Ryan

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Thursday 9 August 2012

Few theatre companies have such an instantly recognisable physical aesthetic as Corn Exchange, and the stamp of their astonishing artistic director Annie Ryan is all over their work. Here, we chat about her early years working on such films as “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” back in the States, her time training at NYU, what inspired her relocation to Ireland, the emergence of Corn Exchange, the importance of their trademark Commedia style and ongoing ensemble, and her ambitious plans for their forthcoming production of Dubliners. It’s episode 40 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy!

Episode 39: David Horan

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Thursday 2 August 2012

One of our most versatile freelance directors, David Horan is an exciting talent with a wonderfully diverse skills set. Here he chats about studying at Trinity, his early experiences as an assistant director, the founding of Inis Theatre Co. and its subsequent successes, his IFTA award-winning work as a screen writer, his role as Artistic Director of Bewley’s Cafe Theatre, and his new position as acting coach at the prestigious Lir Academy in Dublin. It’s episode 39 of the Rise Productions: Irish Theatre Podcast – Enjoy! 

Episode 1: Peter Daly

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Thursday 10 November 2011

Widely regarded as the nicest man in Irish theatre, we caught up with the ever-smiling Peter Daly to chat about breaking into the business, leaving behind a lucrative accountancy career, his ongoing relationship with Rough Magic, his campaigning for NCFA, and getting naked with Tadhg Murphy. Episode 1 of the Rise Productions podcast is now online, Enjoy!